JSDoc 3

We have been using docgen.js to generate documentation from markdown comments to code for the Node.js project I am working on.

Past week I experimented with JSDoc 3 module and docdash template.

I have installed docdash locally:

npm install docdash

and jsdoc globally:

npm install -g jsdoc

My configuraton (config.json) is the following:

    "tags": {
        "allowUnknownTags": false,
        "dictionaries": [
    "source": {
        "include": [
        "exclude": [],
        "includePattern": ".+\\.js(doc)?$",
        "excludePattern": "(^|\\/|\\\\)_"
    "plugins": [
    "templates": {
        "cleverLinks": false,
        "monospaceLinks": false
    "opts": {
        "encoding": "utf8",
        "destination": "./docs/js",
        "recurse": true,
        "readme": "./jsdoc-readme.md",
        "template": "./node_modules/docdash",
        "verbose": "true"
opts contains command line arguments. I have added a readme file and selected docdash as template. To generate the html output execute the following command:
jsdoc -c config.json
HTML output is generated at /docs/js folder as specified at the configuration.