Plaid - Scintilli

Plaid new album called Scintilli is going to be released on the September 26th but I was able to download and listen to it late this morning. Plaid music is really part of me.

At that time I was a student in Athens spending hot summer in my parent's house in Patras. At these days, I was able to get the FTP address of a shared music directory (somewhere on one of the computers at Patras university). I downloaded Plaid's Rest Proof Clockwork album. It took all night to download the files on dial up connection. Early in the morning I listened to third track Little People... and the whole album several times for the rest of the day.

That FTP was full of electronic music. Methodically I downloaded one album per night and every morning a music surprise was upon me. Aphex Twin, Plaid, Autechre... Ever since I am IDM fan. Plaid is still my favorite music group.