ICEFaces Ajax Push...

Although I thought that i have grasped the mechanism to render parts of my web application using ICEFaces, it took me 6 days of testing to finally implement Ajax Push...

The aftermath is that I should stick to ICEFaces 1.7.1 (with JSF 1.1 compatibility mode), use new SessionRenderer API and set concurrentDOMViews context parameter to true at web.xml. I have problems with 1.7.2 SP1 and the development 1.8 release.

Update: Calling SessionRenderer.render() outside a JSF thread doesn't work since 1.7.2.

Add the following lines to web.xml:


When you want to push updated to the web page then add the following statement somewhere in a bean in your code:


render method String parameter represents a group of pages that will be updated.

Add your bean to a group by adding the following statement to beans's constructor:


After render method call, bean's getter method is called (for example an object list) and web content is rerendered.