IT jobs are tough?

I read blogs, articles and book concerning my job and I realize that there is a tremendous number of technologies (programming languages, OS, database systems etc). Let's say that we are going to use Java to develop a J2ee application on a Windows machine. So many questions arise.. concerning the application server (Tomcat or more advanced jBoss, Websphere), IDE (Eclipse, Netbeans), build tools (ant, maven), web framework (just too many to write down), ORM strategies (Hibernate, iBatis or just JPA)... I am building a simple web application with Struts 1.3.6, Hibernate, Spring on Tomcat using MySQL 6 database, to polish off my skills for my next job. I am trying to use TesNG to write some unit tests (the organization I worked for didn't use unit testing although i too have to blame myself for this).

I now realize that maybe I will have to work with technologies that i don't have any skills at the moment. I received an email informing me that I may have to work with CICS and COBOL. So no matter how may articles, blogs and books I read, I always find myself trying to grasp new technologies... This is a fact for any true programmers, they have always to learn things. This is doesn't apply for programmers with no motivation to learn like wannabe managers... (managers still get better money and have others do solve their problems... that's a dirty shame!)

I am still wondering what I am going to get my hands dirty at my next job. I just know i will try hard.